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“Beautiful skin truly is a commitment, not a miracle”.

Advanced Beauty Clinic is devoted to take that journey with you to bring out your best version. Our approach is simple, we love what we do, we care about helping you reach your potential, and we don't provide treatments without trying it ourselves first.

We offer top quality skin, body, and hair scalp treatments in the most relaxing environments, along with other range of beauty and hair services, taking care of our beauties from head to toes. Advanced Beauty Clinic is a place where you can treat yourself and gain confidence with your wonderful transformation.

We focus on upskilling ourselves and staying across advanced in treatments and skincare products. We personalise our approaches to meet each person's individual needs as they change over time. With so many wonderful non-surgical treatments we can find the right approach to give you the results you want. 

Thank you for choosing Advanced Beauty Clinic to be your trustworthy medispa and beauty expert on your transformation journey.

Advanced skin care treatment & programme

Advanced Beauty Clinic is situated in the heart of Mt Eden, moving forward from our previous location at 29B Mt Eden Road, Mount Eden to our upgraded clinic situated at 40 Mt Eden Rd, Mount Eden to offer our clients better advanced treatment.

Relaxing medispa expert

Our 10 years experienced team is devoted to take that journey with you to bring out your best version.