What’s Fat Freezing

Coolshaping2 fat freezing technology uses 360° Stereoscopic Cooling System that covers much larger and deeper areas of fat, using low temperature (below -2C') to get rid of unwanted fat cell while not affecting other cells. The fat cells die during the fat freezing treatment will collapse and naturally removed by our body's metabolism for up to 6 months, meaning you'll notice continuous fat loss over time.

Why Choosing Fat Freezing Treatment by Coolshaping 2?

Safe, speedy, and painless Fat Reduction Technology. Get rid of stubborn fat in areas that are difficult to get in shape with exercising and diet only. 

The treatment is non-invasive and no downtime post treatment. With the latest technology from Coolshaping2, it takes only 35 mins to complete 1 session, 4 applicators are available to apply for 4 different areas at the same time.

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See the amazing result from Fat Freezing Treatment yourself after 4-5 weeks post treatment. Result may vary upon individuals. From 2-4 sessions are recommended for the best result. However, this is varied upon each individual's body condition and requirement.

Book a Free consultation with our specialist to determine the right number of sessions and number of applicators to best suit your body.

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How Many Areas Can Be Treated?

Our CoolShaping2™ machine has four applicators with different sizes which can treat small, medium, and large areas of the subcutaneous fat at the same time.

Who Are Not Eligible For Fat Freezing?

Pregnant and breastfeeding women are not able to receive the treatment. People with serious medical conditions are advised to undergo a consultation with a medical professional before receiving the treatment.

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